What we do

Restore and maintain

Home restoration and maintenance

We restore and maintain properties in our community to increase value and beauty to our clients and neighbors.  We specialize in the old homes of North Idaho.


Home Remodels

Take something you already have and make it better. We can mold your existing home into something you can be proud of. Your dream home can be where you already live. From small updates to wiping the canvas clean and making it yours. 

Start fresh

construction contractor additions new construction

With our local relationships, our team can get anything done. We are well versed in additions and new home construction. We are the whole package, even if you don't know where to start. Let us complete your dream.


Backing the place we live

CDA, Postfalls, Hayden, Rathdrum

We are involved in our community and backing the place we live is our main focus. We are proud to bring our experience and integrity to better our town.

If you have a community project we'd love to hear about it. We also have a labor fund to help veterans in our area. The labor fund covers labor cost for a veteran in need of home repairs. 

Learn More

If you'd like more info or have or know of something/someone needed attention in our town let us know.

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